Hi, this is the creator of BulbaSour, Julian (Bulba), and I am here to share some of the beginnings and motivations of my website. It was initially created during an elective I was taking part in, where I found a passion for running a website. Once the elective was completed, I moved the website project work outside of school and into my own computers.  I continued to create several revisions to fit my liking and the feedback of others. I eventually decided to focus my website on Nintendo, which can branch off to Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, and Sonic. This comes from my passion for characters such as Sonic and Mario ever since I was 6, where I played the death out of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Unleashed in particular. Even before my website, I have always used Instagram and Twitter where I met a lot of friends. It is also thanks to social media, YouTube in particular, that I have the name “BulbaSour” after TheBasement recommended it when I asked for their username suggestions.

Another very important part of my beginnings and motivation as a whole is my first fan art made by @Jackson556D on Twitter. It wasn’t any commission or anything, he just made it for no reason whatsoever and I thank him for that!

Thank you for spending time to read this and more on my site. If you have any suggestions or just want to talk to me, please contact me through social media or this site. Feel free to give me your opinions on each of the articles I wrote. I am on Twitter and Instagram, just look up “BulbaSour” on either site. Have a fantastic day, and I hope to see all of you who read this again soon!