Joker and 3.0 Update Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Later Today!

Hey everyone, Bulba here and WOW I did not expect that. Not only did Nintendo drop what was pretty much a fifteen minute Smash Direct in the middle of the night, but Joker and the entire 3.0 update is coming very soon! So, what does 3.0 contain? What do I think of what we’ve seen of Joker and his stage? Let’s discuss!

First off is the 3.0 update. There are two new modes coming; stage builder and video editor. Stage builder is a mode returning from previous Smash games where you have the ability to create your own stages via a editor; but this time it is better than ever. You have the ability to decorate stages by being able to place objects/drawings in the foreground or background of the main stage. Also, you can have hovering/moving platforms allowing for max creativity. An example of this includes a witch with her hand in the background moving to replicate stirring a solution. However, arguably the biggest element introduced to stage builder is online; you can now like stages created by other people and download them, similar to Disney Infinity.

With this ability comes “Smash World”, a soon to be added part of the Nintendo Switch Online App. From the app you can like other people’s created stages and videos- which I will get to in a moment- and favorite some. From the ones you have favorited, you can have those stages be directly sent to Smash Bros. Ultimate, ready for download the next time you play the game. Nintendo also reminded us that you can voice chat in the game via the Nintendo Switch Online App, not that it will really affect the amount of people who chat on it.

The final new mode is a video editor. It may not sound exciting, but it is quite full of features. This video editor allows you to cut replays into small clips, then edit them together to make for a fun video. The editing works similarly to many editing softwares commonly used in recent times, such as Sony Vegas or Camtasia. You can also add any music track in the game to play over the gameplay, and put other text and effects. These videos can be shared on Smash World or in game to gain attention and likes. This mode along with stage builder will be completely free, DLC is not required to be purchased for version 3.0.

Last but certainly not least, Joker! It is clear that Sakurai and the team put a lot of effort into this fellow; he has unique characteristics not seen with many other characters. For instance, his victory screen is the exact same as his in the actual Persona 5. If Persona music is played in Joker’s stage, the colors surrounding Joker in the victory screen will change depending on the Persona game the music is from. For attack, Joker carries his dagger/sword while attacking close range and uses his pistol for further range. Overall, I’m really liking the style and moveset shown of Joker so far.

As for Joker’s stage, Mementos, I wish I could say the same. I will admit it is very aesthetically pleasing. Although, I can’t help but think that the overall shape of the stage is lazy. It seems like Battlefield with only a few changes in terms of geometry. Where this stage deserves credit is it’s interaction with the music; similar to Joker’s victory screen, the color of the stage changes based off the Persona game the music is from. There seemed to be stage interation such as a bouncy ceiling, but they didn’t show too much of it. Still, it definitely wouldn’t be considered a bad stage by me.

Thank you all so much for reading! What do you think of Nintendo’s huge surprise? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Discord. I also should mention that brand new Mii Fighter costumes based off previous Persona antagonists and Sonic the Hedgehog will be released tommorrow each for $0.75, but they’re nothing big. Anyhow, remember that Joker will be launching around 8:50 PM EST tommorrow, and you can buy either the entire Fighter Pass for $25 or Joker alone for $6. I’ll see you all later! (Watch the trailer with more details here;

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